Ben Carson Campaign Ad Experiences the Third-Person Phenomenon

The Third-Person Phenomenon is a common experience happening on multi media websites. The multi media website that experience this phenomenon the most is Youtube. This phenomenon is described as the tendency to see oneself as immune to persuasion especially when the message is seen as negative.

I found an example of this third-person phenomenon on a Ben Carson campaign ad. In this video the campaign is addressing all the struggles that are country is going through at the time. At the end of the video, the campaign says how Ben Carson will fix all these struggles and how he is going to do it.

When I was looking at the comments I was seeing this Third-Person Phenomenon taking place. For example username 15th Doctor commented, "that was as empty and vacuous as a Trump speech". Then user Robin Barrett commented to 15th Doctor and said, "OMG I thought this ad was sattire, but it's not? Even more hilarious." Once Robin Barrett saw 15th Doctor's negative comment, Robin Barrett felt immune to being persuaded that this video was being perceived negatively. These Third-Person Phenomenon's are happening on almost every youtube video that you click on.

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