Bernie Sander's agenda influenced by the Third-Person Phenomenon

        The third-person phenomenon is the idea that an individual sees oneself as immune to persuasion, and others as vulnerable to it, especially when the message is negative. The effect is rampant across multi-media websites such as Twitter and video hosting giants such as YouTube which have videos and a comment section attached.

         Bernie Sander's, a democratic precedential candidate for the upcoming 2016 presidency, recently posted videos of his current political agenda. The third-person phenomenon is greatly influencing his campaign video that was posted on YouTube last summer. Sander's outlined his current stance on specific national issues and highlighted his ideas for progressive reform throughout the video's duration.

         As I was watching the video, I noticed there were a number of comments that reflected the third-person phenomenon. In the video, Sander's stressed there should be "free tuition for public colleges and universities". The user "The King" retaliated with "just another typical socialist". Evan Buchanan commented  later with the one word, "socialists". The idea presented by King lead Evan to not be moved in the slightest by Bernie's campaign speech. In seeing this, it seems typical that when there is a comment section, the third-person phenomenon will be prevalent.

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