BlueLight app cuts emergency response times on college campuses by sending a student's exact location through GPS to authorities, friends and family

The recently updated BlueLight app works in a similar way that Blue Lights do on college campuses: if you press the call button, emergency services are dispatched to your location ASAP. However, using GPS technology, the app sends out a signal of your exact location within 60 feet so that it's easier and quicker for authorities to find you, compared to the traditional immobile system, according to The Huntington News. In addition, the app has the ability to contact an unlimited number of friends and family to alert them of your position and potential situation via text. 

The app also provides a service called "On My Way" which lets the individual who possesses the app to alert their loved ones via text when they are departing from one location, allows their loved ones to track their motion on an interactive map, and then alerts them when they have arrived at the desired location. The app essentially creates an immediate network of people to keep you safe in a variety of situations when you feel you are in danger either on campus and off campus.

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