Brandman University promotes a program allowing students to earn a degree at their own pace, no textbooks needed

A non-profit institution called Brandman University has recently started using a new app called MyPath for their students.  The school goes through the Chapman University system, along with 25 other schools in California and Washington.  With this spiffy new program, students can access anything and everything they may possibly need to earn their education, no textbooks necessary!  And if you think that's amazing, the MyPath and degree program at Brandman lets the students take their courses at their own pace!  Say goodbye to rigorous deadlines and the stress of rushing yourself.  They get to take their time and absorb the information being taught.  You can download the app for free in the app store, and enrollment is $5,400 per academic year.  The MyPath app sets students up with a excellent education, and all you need is a tablet or computer.  Say goodbye to books and hello to the brilliant world of technology.

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