Study on bullying in the United Kingdom is the first to report on the direct relation between attitudes and participation of bullying.

Bullying has often been a behavior that has been studied numerous times. It takes on a different form these days with the almost unlimited access to the Internet in the form of  cyber bullying. This popular form of bullying takes contains much more anonomynity but still does similar amount of damage to the victim. This article addresses the direct comparison between attitudes toward traditional bullying and cyberbullying. There have been few studies that have compared these two in the sample. So it was very interesting to see  what forms of bullying were more acceptable to undergraduate students. This study also took into account sexual differences in order to compare the attitudes. Therefore it was predicted that females would be less accepting towards the physical forms of bullying than males.

    The actual study took place in the United Kingdom .The sample size of the study involved 405 undergraduate students that were an average of about 21 years old. What I found interesting about the study was that involved mostly women at about 71 percent . I also found it interesting that this study was for the most part unprecedented . Before conducting the survey, each participant was given the definition of bullying. Then a group of 20 students were selected and asked to identify 3 subtypes of bullying that they thought were important. There were two questions asked to identify whether the participants engaged in one of the six subtypes of bullying. The responses were scored on a scale of 1-5 where 5 represented the most self engagement in bullying. In the final phase, the attitudes were examined and measured in three subcategories. The participants were asked about how they felt towards bullying, perpetrators, and the victims.

According to the study participants found which form of bullying to be the most favorable?

A) cyberbullying
B) verbal bullying
C) bullying through exclusion
D) Physical Bullying

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