CloudCal calendar app transforms days of the month into clock faces, enabling quick evaluation of daily schedules

A new mobile calendar app displays the days and hours users are busy directly on its month view. CloudCal allows users to "make sure you're busy when you need to be but also have enough time to eat lunch," according to the app's mission statement.

CloudCal is currently available for all Android users and is the first mobile app to utilize "Magic Circles," which transform days of the month within a calendar into a clock face. The app was created to enable users to quickly glance at their smartphones and be able to determine the hours they are free or busy. 

Although the app was created to provide clarity within a calendar's month view, specific dates and times can also be inserted. Weekly, daily and agenda views are all also available to users, and CloudCal has the ability to sync with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and Google Calendar and Tasks. 

In addition to its ability to provide various calendar views, CloudCal also has an autocomplete feature, which expedites the process of adding locations to events and allows "zoomable" maps to be easily accessible.  

Users can choose from a variety of color and background options, and attachments can be included within the details of an event. Attachments can be photos, voice memos or a Dropbox file.

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