Computer technology helps a paralyzed man use his own legs to walk again

A few small steps from one man helped make giant leaps in the field of medical technology. Recently in Irvine, California, a paralyzed man took a few steps without the help of artificial legs. The patient was able to accomplish this with the help of an external system that sends electrodes to the patient's legs, stimulating muscle movement.

The patient only walked roughly three and a half meters, but regardless, this new innovation in technology may help lead to bigger and better breakthroughs in the near future. Other medical advancements in prosthetic limbs have been made recently as well, such as robotic arms being controlled by patients, but this is the first time a patient has been able to control his own, paralyzed legs with the help of a computer.

As researchers continue developing this new technology, we can hope to see this technology implanted into patients. By doing so, the system will be able to get more accurate brainwave readings in order to give patients more control of their limbs. 

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