CP Bar Skipper helps Maryland students find the shortest line

Have you ever gone out to the bars in College Park to meet a group of friends and then spent half the night waiting in line? CP Bar Skipper, a new app, is here to make sure that doesn't happen again.

The app allows users to check the wait times at all of the University of Maryland bars so you can coordinate with your friends where to go and make sure you don't spend your night standing outside. CP Bar Skipper also tracks the cover charge for each bar, so you can know how much you'll need to pay and base your decision off that.

The app also works with all the Maryland bars to provide an option to open a tab on the app and pay with your credit card on the app. This allows users to expedite their process of getting drinks and also tracking how much they are spending throughout the night. Users can place a cap on the amount they are willing to spend on the night, too, to prevent them from overpaying for a night out.

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