Facebook is testing features liked "saved" bookmarks to return to videos later on, becoming more like Youtube.

In an effort to dominate the video-watching aspect of the internet, Facebook announced that it will test a dedicated place on the website for users to  "exclusively" watch videos, according to Wired.
Facebook aims to become a video "destination" like youtube, and wants to make videos easier to find and watch, said Wired. According to the article, in April, Facebook already passed four billion daily views and therefore continues to encourage users to imbed their own videos, said the article. The social network is testing a "saved" bookmark so that the user can watch videos later on, like on Youtube. It is also testing ways to watch videos on a "floating screen"in the corner while the user scrolls, something Youtube has done in the past. Facebook suggests videos similar to one the user has already watched, another well-known feature of Youtube. The social network is evolving in order to accommodate user needs, in order to become a fixture in the video-watching facet of the internet.

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