How Embracing The Online Community of Reddit is Generating 20% of Daily Online Revenue For Uniqlo

Source: Marketing Land 
Brands have figured out that nobody is looking up at billboards because we're all looking down at our phones. If you're an active participant on any platform of social media, this has become blatantly apparent to you during your daily scroll down your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feed. One brand in particular is taking a more unconventional route, and using Reddit to drive online revenue. But, they aren't just posting generic ads. Marketing Land describes how fashion brand Uniqlo's e-commerce manager Arielle Dyda has simply embraced the online community of Reddit: she's savvy with the Reddit lingo and that makes her "one of them." The article goes on to explain how while her account is listed as the official company account for Uniqlo, she's perceived as part of the community. She answers questions, shares when the brand is having a good sale, etc. This has often generated more than 20% of daily online revenue for the brand.

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