Huffington Post blasts social media for its negative effects on teens

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      The Huffington Post discusses that there are real dangers with the overuse of social media like peer pressure and depression. And the two that I found the most interesting were peer pressure and depression.

     We haven’t talked much about what peer pressure may be like for someone on social media and so to read about all of the different pressures that their friends bring to them. For example there is sexting and people also get pressured into inflicting racism or cyberbullying onto another person to remain within their group of friends.
     In class we talked a lot about the depression that can happen with instagram when someone follows a large amount of strangers. This Huffington Post article said that with “Facebook Depression” it occurs with the comparison of people who are inferior and those whom you see as superior. According to the Guilford Journal when it comes to Facebook, there is a chance of depression whether you follow many strangers or not because of the constant comparisons being made.
     Social Media should be used by those who are comfortable with themselves that they do not aspire to be anyone else. 

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