Hundreds of iPhone apps that steal personal information are deleted from the App Store.

Recently, hundreds of apps were deleted off the app market for stealing personal information from its users. Roughly 256 apps, which were made in China, were found to have this malware embedded in the apps. Based on the article, the apps were created using a software development kit from a company called Youmi. The app developers themselves were not at fault, as they were simply trying to share the apps that they had created. The company, Youmi, was rather the one to blame, as they used the apps created by developers to gather information, such as email addresses and iPhone serial numbers, from the users of these apps. The affected apps will not be deleted indefinitely, but will be removed until the developers can fix their apps. Anyone who already downloaded one of these apps can continue using it, but will not be able to update their
app until the problem is fixed.

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