Instagram welcomes an enthusiastic movement for body positivity and self-acceptance

Social networks are not a safe place. Unhealthy messages are being sent to women about their bodies and appearance because of what users post on social networks. Julia Carpenter shares some of Instagram’s popular pages and hashtags that promote positivity and self-acceptance. After an offensive statement in a magazine was made relating to clothing only thin women should wear, the social media community went roaring. Hashtags, such as  #effyourbeautystandards, #honormycurves and #bodyconfidence, were being used by hundreds of thousands of users.

Women are constantly reminded of what they should look like and strive to be. Although Instagram provides images of women that are unrealistic, it also does a good job of spreading the existence of “real women.” It has allowed women of all shapes and sizes to relate with each other and create a community in which they are not alone. Messages on fitness, beauty, and women’s bodies are sent everywhere and Instagram has developed a way to cultivate a healthy one. 

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