Loaning and lending money through the new app: LoanLend Buddy

This just in, the new LoanLend Buddy app just launched to the public this morning, allowing users to lend their money to other users for a specified interest rate and also loan money from lending users. This new app allows one to make an investment with their money to other users who are in need of money at that moment. It gives the lending users the opportunity to set the desired interest rates that they would like to receive and the flexibility to determine how the loaner should make their payments back. On the other hand, it gives people who are in need of money to loan from lending users, and allows them to choose which loaning option is best for them.

To use the app, users are required to set up an account and link their social-security number and bank account to the app, which is ensured to have high security measures to keep information safe. For every loan or lending process done, there is a flat fee of $10 per user. Users also have the opportunity to leave comments on the user that a deal had been made with, so future loaners and lenders can have a feel for who they will be dealing with, creating a "credit", and also for the app to keep track of user's reliability and penalize users who have not compromised with the app rules.

LoanLend Buddy will be a revolutionary app that will allow people who do not have the best credit score, needs money fast, or would like a smaller interest rate than what banks have to offer, the choice to get their money through this app. It will also be an easy, flexible investment technique for thousands of people who would like to make more money and help others out.

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