Maryland Cybersecurity Center says using public Wi-Fi networks makes personal information increasingly vulnerable

The Maryland Cybersecurity Center reported that using public Wi-Fi networks can make personal information increasingly vulnerable. When a person is connected to a public Wi-Fi network, they are sharing their information between their personal computer and the computer that everyone is accessing. The Center is researching innovative ways to heighten protection of personal information.

Many companies are also searching for solutions. Earlier this week, AARP announced the release of free resources for testing cybersecurity when using public Wi-Fi networks. The resources include a Wi-Fi security quiz, which determines device vulnerability, and a video quiz, which educates users on fraud tactics. In order develop effective tools, AARP surveyed device users to determine what programs to develop. The surveys revealed that more than half of device owners have used online banking or purchased an item with their credit card online while connected to a public W-Fi network. Education on cybersecurity is the first step to protecting personal information.

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