Middlesex University helps students save an average of $681 per year by issuing free digital textbook access for every course.

Middlesex University will be the first university in the UK to give students digital access to their textbooks, therefore helping them save an average of $681 per academic year. Thanks to the university's four-year partnership with Kortext, a digital textbook platform, and with John Smiths', a university bookseller, students will receive one free digital textbook for each class during the year. The Kortext software will allow students to take digital notes on the content they read, highlight important points in the text, make searches and share notes within a group of classmates. The textbooks can be accessed through a variety of devices such as laptops and tablets, just to name a few.  Based on student testimonials, this initiative will not only help students financially, but also academically because they can access their textbooks on-the-go and they don't have to rely on waiting until the last minute to buy their textbook based on how much they'll actually be using it since this time around, it will be free.

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