New app OneCampus allows students and faculties to simply search and access any campus services anywhere on a campus.

Logo of the new app, OneCampus, powered by rSmart
OneCampus is an app that allows the students, faculty, and staff to easily search, through mobile technology, and guide them to the information they require.

It is like a search engine that allows people to easily access any campus services of a given school in one place. The simple, initial mantra of the app during the developing phase was, "Search, Click, Done."

The app was first created and deployed by Indiana University under the name One.IU.  When Indiana University experienced great successes with the new program, the university decided to make the app more available for the rest of the people in the higher education community.

The university partnered with rSmart and created OneCampus that is now being deployed in 14 institutions both small, private institutions like Lynn University and large, multicampus institutions, such as University of Hawaii, alike.

All these universities that deployed this app has the same goal -- they want to help students "find" whatever they need to become successful.

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