New app, Sickness Scanner, protects illnesses from common colds to cancer.

Do you hate having to schedule doctors appointments for your children for basic illnesses? Aren't you afraid of detecting cancer too late? Don't you wish it could be as easy as taking your phone out to scan your body for illnesses? With the Sickness Scanner this is all possible.

The Sickness Scanner is a new app that can help detect early stages of illnesses. the app can help scan a person's body through the lens of an iPad to iPhone to detect something as common as the flu or as major as breast cancer. This app can benefit society by saving money and tie by not having to schedule doctors appointments for everything. It can also make it easier on a person to see why their throat is hurting or why their leg isn't feeling normal. The Sickness Scanner is a major development in society and can help people across the world to see why their children are sick.

The Sickness Scanner is going to revolutionize the way we fight illnesses. This new app will help people get over illnesses quicker and will help people survive longer.

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