New bill, CISA, Aimed at Increasing the Security of Private U.S Data Networks, is Garnering a lot of Negative Feedback

Due to an incredible increase in hacking attacks on the U.S, the country has been in a frenzy to try and increase our cybersecurity. Recently, a new legislation, CISA, passed its closure vote and is on its way to debate. CISA, which stands for the Cybersecurity Information Act, is going to make it so companies can readily share assumed threats of cybersecurity with the Department of Homeland Security, according to Although the need for higher cybersecurity in this country has become evermore present, many of the arguments circulating this new bill are not positive ones. Many do not think that there is an impending need for a bill such as CISA, and believe it is going to block against a problem that doesn't even exist ( A lot of people are still skeptical of the bill because of the increased surveillance it will allow the U.S to have over its citizens, in addition to its threat to our individual privacy. However, even with all of the negative arguments, the White House and the Senate has all but backed the bill with full force and is sure to pass its debate within the next few days.

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