New study app rewards students that avoid checking their cell phones during class with discounts at local businesses.

Having a hard time paying attention in class because you can't stop looking at your phone? Now there might be a solution for that problem. The new app, Pocket Points, is designed to improve a student's attention in class by creating a system where students are discouraged from looking at their phone during class. The app works by using incentives to help students get rid of the temptations to check their phones during class. Once the student sits down in class, he or she can open the app, causing the app to immediately lock their phone. As soon as the phone locks, it begins to assign the student points, as the more times he uses the app and keeps his phone locked, the more points the student will acquire. Students can then redeem these points at local stores to obtain items like food, clothing, etc. This allows students, who normally don't have alot of money, to be able to find another way to make necessary purchases while at the same time focusing more in class. It is a true win-win situation, however, many have complained that there aren't enough businesses involved in this rewards program so it is still unclear if this business will completely take of nationwide.

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