Safer than ever: Download Voice Activated Emergency Alert

Voice Activated Emergency Alert 

Combined with local police stations, Apple releases new app for safety and protection

Now available in your app store, Voice    Activated Emergency Alert will make you feel safe wherever you are traveling. For starters, every person will make their own unique “activation phrase” which when spoken will automatically alert local police and keep them hands free if someone finds themselves in an unsafe situation. No buttons needed! Just say your own personalized activation phrase, and help is on the way! Along with informing the police of your location, your phone will turn into a recorder and camera to document all the events that take place. Your phone will also lock on the app in the event someone tries to deactivate the phone. This will also help the police track the suspect(s) if needed.   

Released on October 1, 2015, this app already is finding it’s way to many iPhone users. Don’t be a victim, help your local police, and protect yourself and loved ones. Download Voice Activated Emergency Alert today for complete protection. With this app you are guaranteed to feel safer knowing you have video recording, voice recording, location finder, and more as a hands free option.

Voice Activated Emergency Alert is offered FREE in the app store. False calls can be punishable as a criminal offense. 


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