Security checkpoints all organizations, businesses and individuals should take to protect information online

Recent findings of the National Cyber Security Alliance have business owners questioning whether their online information is truly protected. From printers to surveillance systems and televisions to HVAC systems, businesses should take more cautionary procedures to ensure that their private information does not become accessible to online criminals seeking vulnerable information.

Cyber criminals are going to new lengths to access information that is stored online. Cyber hackers are now manipulating businesses' protective devices, such as surveillance systems to access information. Hackers gain access to this information when it is recorded and stored onto a hard drive which can be easily hacked into due to new advances in digital technology.

Business owners physically locking up their stores and equipment is a worry of the past. Due to new technological advances, cyber hackers have figured out new ways to intercept online information, leaving all businesses and individuals susceptible to the dangers of online hackers.

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