Security Vulnerabilities in Devices Connected to the Internet Make These Devices Susceptible to Hacking

The "Internet of things" (IoT) is a term used to describe the growing number of devices that are embedded with the ability to connect to the Internet. Although there is much to rejoice over the growing network of IoT devices, the issue of security of these devices still persists. Tactical Network Solutions, founded by Terry Dunlap, is a company specialized to investigate potential threats to system security. Dunlap and his team demonstrated the flaws in some IoT devices by launching a cyber attack on a TRENDnet security camera. Dunlap was able to see what the camera saw and move the camera around from his laptop. Production of that particular model has been discontinued, but other instances of cyber attacks on IoT devices such as hacking into baby monitors and hacking the unconnect dashboard system of Chrysler jeeps is increasing concern for safety, as threats of cyber attacks are now leaking into our homes. While "black hat hackers" are more likely to attack big companies, the fact that our personal devices may be susceptible to hacking begs us to consider our level of safety in our homes.

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