Share Photos of Events With Friends via "CalendApp," the New Mobile-Friendly Social Network

The newest social media platform "CalendApp" launches this Friday, allowing users to share photos from past occasions and advertise future events with ease.

According to the developers, CalendApp was designed for college students as a platform to spread awareness of upcoming events by sharing pictures instead of relying on fliers or email alerts. By sorting photos by date, students can quickly plan their day according to events they find interesting, register to attend events, and quickly find photos from past events to share with friends. Users can also tag their photos when uploading, allowing other users to quickly find related events and photos with the same tag.

The application can be described as a hybrid of Instagram and Google Calendar, both widely-used mobile apps, and is expected to streamline the process of RSVP-ing to events and sharing photos from them. By acting as a medium for promotion as well as an outlet to post photos, CalendApp could be this year's must-have app. Be sure to keep an eye on your mobile device's application store for more details regarding CalendApp's launch.

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