Shave Minutes Off Your Morning Routine with New App "Wardrobe for the Weather" That Will Pick Out the Perfect Outfit to Match the Weather

Prepare to set your alarm clock at least 10 minutes later, because this new app is going to save you some time in the morning.

Developers of the "Wardrobe for the Weather" application have made it so that you no longer have to worry about how the weather is going to affect your outfit for the day. Whether rain or shine, this app is going to make it so that you have the perfect outfit to compliment the weather outside.  To compile your online wardrobe, you can do one of three things: 
1. Take a picture of the item directly and add a small description of the material, 
2. Take a picture of the identification number on the tags on your clothing and accessories and they will automatically upload into your online wardrobe, or 
3. When you buy new clothing items, you can scan the barcode using the app and they will automatically upload. 
From then on, the app does all the work for you!

When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is open the app and it will give you the best option of what to wear with two back up options – and all in your favorite fashion! This free app is going to revolutionize your morning, and perfect your entire day.

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