Smart Changing Pad allows Parents to Connect on an Application to Track their Baby's Hours of Sleep, their Weight, and Diapers Used per Day

With technology advancing, parents are now able to connect with their infants, by using the tracking features on the new changing pad called "Hatch Baby".

Hatch baby is able to inform parents of their baby's weight, hours of sleep, and the number of diapers they use. It also features pictures of the day to record all the milestones of your baby. The changing pad is a soft and washable material with a LCD screen displaying information. The information can be connected to smart phone with the companion app. With many worries about hacking, this changing pad has been encrypted to ensure the safety of the baby.

The changing pad is being priced at $199 and will be debuting on Monday, October 26, 2015. The purpose of this device is to eliminate the stresses of a first time parent and make them feel comfortable with knowing how their child is developing.

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