Social Media is Detrimental to People's Because People Lose Their Sense of Empathy and Use Anonymity to Troll Incessantly Against Those They Do Not Agree With.

Lucy Mangan explains, in the Telegraph, about how social media is detrimental to society because people utilize the anonymity that the Internet offers to hector and troll incessantly against other people they do not agree with. She adds that social media degrades our sense of empathy as well. With anonymity comes separation from consequences and retribution, which is why people frequently and freely bully online. Social studies of science and technology professor at MIT, Sherry Turkle, concludes that that mobile technology is as potentially devastating to human empathy as other technology has been to the environment. According to Psychiatrist Dr. Lain McGilchrist, an increasing number of teachers have expressed their concern about students being unable to understand others’ facial expressions or intuit with their emotions. Mangan’s overall conclusion was that social media degrades humanity and human relations.

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