Students at Brandman University Can Earn a Bachelor's Degree Without Textbooks Through the MyPath App

Brandman University, which is a private, nonprofit institution within the Chapman University system of schools, has recently partnered with Flat World Knowledge to create an app known as MyPath. Prior to its release, the application went through about one year of student beta testing where it received positive reviews, convincing Brandman that the program was ready to launch. MyPath, which can be downloaded for free through Apple's app store, allows undergraduate students at the university to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration without a requirement to purchase textbooks. Instead, all of the necessary course material can be found in their entirety online via an iPad or laptop at any time of day, which allows students to work at their own pace in pursuit of their specific degree. Each MyPath program includes roughly sixty competencies, and when a user completes one they are awarded with a digital badge which can be displayed though Credly on social networking sites. The lessons themselves, which utilize a competency-based education model, include adaptive learning techniques, game-based learning, social learning, and analytics derived through data. Students are not completely on their own however, as academic coaches and faculty members act as guides for Brandman University's undergraduates.

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