The expansion of tech companies has led to a decrease in female employee representation

The larger global technology industries get, the harder it is for them to encompass new phenomena and social changes. Well known companies, such as Google and Yahoo, continue to expand and develop their staff, but are inadequate when it comes to their participation of female employees. The tech industry is referred to some as the “brogrammer” culture.

Gender diversity is not seen as a priority to many companies. According to an article posted in The Wall Street Journal, a former employee of Yahoo, Anne Toth, has made strong efforts to alter the industry’s outlook. She became the vice president at Slack Technologies Inc., a computer software startup, where her main goal is to give women a fair chance.

In order to make a social change, it is prominent to do so by recognizing current cultural issues concerning diversity. Women face a barrier in the tech industry, mostly due to parental-leave. Cultural construction of identity, belief and value are being shaped by not only social media, but those in control of it. Due to the increase of technology in our society, tech industries have gained more power in molding female opportunity. 

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