The fire challenge is yet another example of how vine is to blame for encouraging risky behaviors among teenagers

Social media provides a larger medium for peer-pressure to take place as teens are easily pressured into participating in dangerous stunts just for the pleasure of documenting it on social media. Phrases such as "Do it for the Vine" have become popular and are fueling reckless behavior among the teenage population.

Since the creation of Vine app, we have witnessed the Cinnamon, the Kylie Jenner, and the Charlie-Charlie Challenge.  However, the most recent challenge, the fire challenge, has left many shocked.

This particular challenge encourages a person to lather up in rubbing alcohol and light themselves on fire. According to The Washington Post's article, fifteen year-old Robert Seals is one of the teens that has been seriously injured while attempting to perform the act. 

Teens who participate fail to realize that the 6 seconds of video footage posted may not show the horrible consequences of these actions.

Instead of putting controls and restrictions, it is very crucial for parents to monitor the activities of their children and pay attention to what is trending on social media. Teens can easily get around restrictions, but a good education on the use of social media by their parents will go a long way.

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