The new online platform, VisitDays Mobi, makes scheduling campus visits simple for prospective students, causing increases in college enrollment rates

VisitDays Mobi strives to make the first campus visit as smooth and helpful as possible, by creating a user-friendly interface for scheduling the visit, and connecting the prospective students to the university's current students and faculty. These connections are made possible by use of powerful scheduling and analytics tools, to help the admission teams match prospective students to relevant and helpful members of the university's community. After just the first year using this system, these universities saw a 30% increase in the number of scheduled campus visits and tours, on average. How this system works is first, the prospective students just go onto the Campus Visits section of the University's website, and from here they are automatically connected to the VisitDays Mobi system. This system matches them to a specific tour guide - one whom the system thinks is the best match for the prospective student's needs. After registration, the students will receive text messages informing them of any important information and reminders, on the days leading up to the tour. Again, this system proves effective, as Saint Leo University says that since using this interface, their enrollment goals have been exceeded by 30 percent.

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