The POM, a personal safety device, will allow students to contact campus security by a push of a button

The POM (peace of mind) is a key-chain sized device that is set up through the student's smartphone Bluetooth. When students press the button on the POM, it connects the users to the campus security that automatically records the call and locate the student's location and identity. It also features an alarm system, by tapping the button three times, to deter perpetrators instead of warning campus security; if students choose to do so. The device itself can last up to 10-14 days without recharging. When the battery is low, it will go into sleep mode in case of a emergency call. With this invention, the POM was given to 1400 students in New York College to ensure students will feel secure on campus. Based on a Video about the device, one student stated "Just having that device in my pocket, on my key-chain, is going to make me feel safer."

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