Third-Person Phenomenon inhibits Jeb Bush's attempt to attack Donald Trump in new campaign video
According to the research study, the third person phenomenon refers to a viewer’s tendency to believe that “others are more vulnerable to media messages, especially negative ones, than they are.” Individuals do not think that they will be influenced by messages that do not pertain to things that interest them than they actually are. For instance, if a viewer is in favor of a candidate that is being attacked in a YouTube ad, they are less likely to believe that the general public will positively interpret the messages that are shared. 

In a recent ad campaign released by Jeb Bush, Trump is attacked on the basis of his changing personal beliefs. The third person phenomenon is prevalent in the comment section, with postings such as, “The last thing we need is another Bush,” and “So what? People’s viewpoints change over the years” There were many more Trump supporters in the comment section than Bush supporters which supports the third-person theory that people will respond to messages that do not pertain to their beliefs more than they think they would. 

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