Third Person Phenomenon shines brightly on Hillary Clinton ad

When youre on the internet, especially sites like YouTube and other sites combining text and video, you have most likely encountered the Third-Person Phenomenom without even noticing it. The Third-Person Phenomenom is described in the study as the belief that individuals think others are more succeptible media messages, especially negative ones, than they truly are. For example, when someone leaves a negative comment on another person’s YouTube video, they think their comment will effect them more than it truly does.
This exact effect appears on a Hillary Clinton campaign on Youtube. Clinton claims in her video, “when families are strong, America is strong”. She also asks for people to join her on this journey, but a lot of people are doing the exact opposite. Clinton has gotten a lot of negativity as far as her running for president.

            Her videos show this third-person phenomenon with the negative comments from people. Viewer named Sara Smiley says,”Nope, your NOT going to be our champion! NO WAY IN HELL! I will NOT! Vote for you! YOU’RE A LAIR(liar)! A cheat”. And viewer Nolan Gutierrez responds saying, “Dude I don’t think she reads these”. This is a great example of the Third-Person phenomenon, because Sara Smiley truly thinks that her comment will effect Clintons run for presidency, which is far from the truth.

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