Third-person phenomenon’s slander Clinton’s announcement for presidency

Source: Fox News
The third-person phenomenon’s relates to a viewer watching a video message such as a political one and to feel immune to the candidate’s persuasion. This type of effect is prevalent in platforms that use media that contain a video, comment box and a comment identifier. YouTube is a platform in which this is prevalent due to its popularity.

In the current presidency campaign, Clinton has received a large amount of criticism in her videos. In her video announcing her run for presidency, the third-person phenomenon is shown due to the amount of disagreement in the comment box.

She claims that Americans “need a champion and she can be that champion,” this statement is one that the audience disagreed with. One individual named Sydney even went as far as to say, “ If she win’s, what’s a good country I should move to”.  This third-person phenomenon is prevalent in the replies to Sydney’s comments from a user named bjevo100 saying “ I’m from the UK and we even know how crazy this women is”. Both individuals felt immune to Clintons persuasive message. As long as individuals chose to post their opinions on the Internet, this phenomenon will always have a home.

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