TransLoc app gives users real-time information on when their bus will arrive to help ease the stress of transit use.

TransLoc is an app that can help transit users, specifically college students figure out when to catch their bus. The app lets users know exactly when their bus will arrive and how long the bus will take to get to the next stop.
The app is designed with the goal to take public transit from being the last resort to some, to the first choice for all. TransLoc has been used actively at Emory University since 2007. According to Josh Cohen, director of Strategy and Partnerships at TransLoc, 15,000 unique visitors have used the app over 239,000 times.
The app is being used at 140 entities around the country and many institutions in Atlanta. According to Cohen, eighty-three percent of the people who have TransLoc use it daily. Seventy-nine percent use it twice daily.
The app helps reduce anxiety for those who use the bus regularly by simply letting them know when the bus is coming. This makes the wait easier and secure so there is no risk in missing the bus.

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