University of Michigan students battles crime with Companion, an app that alerts security if the user is in danger.

Companion, an app that serves as your companion, keeps you safe as you venture out into unsafe areas that lack people or visibility. In light of the recent and countless previous campus crimes that have occurred, people are inventing creative solutions to this issue.

Students at the University of Michigan have allowed people from college campuses all throughout the United States to feel a little safer as the traverse their campus in the mists of the night.

The app works by prompting the user of their destination and tracks their movement via GPS. Every so often, the app will see if the user is there and if the user does not respond within 15 seconds, pre-selected contacts will be notified immediately.

Campus security is even notified at whatever Universities the application is implemented. Companion also allows you to get access to police at the touch of two buttons as well as notify the University of areas that seem unsafe with an anonymous "I Feel Nervous" button. In conjunction with this application and the feedback on certain areas at Universities, hopefully the issue of campus crimes will be ameliorated.

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