Updated Drunk Mode app now has safety features to help find and track the activity of your drunk friends on a map

The newly updated Drunk Mode app has new safety features to help you and your friends on a night out. On October 15th, there will be two new features. The first is Hotspot, which allows users to see other Drunk Mode users on a map, and the second is Fabriq, which shows users their activity, giving them a trail on a map. The app originally helped to prevent a party-goer from drunk dialing their friends and to help a user to find a ride home, but has since been updated.

According to the founders of the app, the app was not originally intended for safety purposes, but after its launch and subsequent popularity safety became a larger emphasis. They hope that the entertaining aspects of the app will draw in users and thus will already have an app that will help with an emergency situation during a night out.

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