The new EpiWatch app enables AppleWatch to detect seizures before they happen and will notify a doctor or family member

Source: Johns Hopkins
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University hope to create a seizure detector within the next year. Through the numerous sensors on the Apple Watch, this app will be able to measure the duration and severity of a seizure. Not only can the sensors pick up abnormal accelerations in heart rate, one of the signs of an oncoming seizure, the sensors can also detect if someone has fallen, and will notify a family member or doctor.

The EpiWatch app is a part of the new ResearchKit app, which allows individuals to take surveys, monitor their seizures, and fill out consent forms to help scientists. Researchers can now study thousands of people with epilepsy through this app to further understand this condition and enhance medical research.

In the future, the iPhone and Apple Watch will be more readily used as medical diagnostic devices. For example, people will also soon be able to take pictures of moles and screen for skin cancer over time through the Apple Watch.

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