Your Motivation Co. releases the app, Fit Future, providing a visual prediction of your body after exercise

Starting a new fitness journey? Need an extra boost of fitness motivation? Want a sneak peek at how your fitness discipline will pay off? Then this app is great for you!  Fit Future from Your Motivation Co. can provide you with a personalized prediction of what your body will look like after reaching your fitness goals. Whether it's losing excess fat or building muscles, this app can show you your future fit body.

This prediction is personalized using full body pictures, details of your body characteristics, and exercise preferences.  Analyzing data from sources such as pictures of your body at multiple angles, your body type, and muscle activation from your preferred exercises allows the prediction to be realistic.

Personalizing this prediction is simple.  After providing basic information as described above, you have two goal options to choose from.  You can select your main goal as losing fat or gaining muscle. For both goals, you can choose from a list of exercises and enter in the frequency and intensity of each one.  Then you can proceed to see a visual representation of the effects of a single exercise or a combination of exercises on your body. It's that simple!

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