AltspaceVR is incorporating virtual reality technology to allow gamers to physically be in Dungeons and Dragons

  AltspaceVR is a technology company which focuses on virtual reality. Similar to Oculus, the company aids in the production of virtual reality lenses which allow the user to be immersed in a vast, intricate virtual reality. Altspace VR  specializes in the field of gaming.

   Recently, AltspaceVR has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast, the long time publishers of Dungeons and Dragons, to create a virtual reality for players to interact while playing the famous board game.

     The company posted a video which describes how to play the game using their software. In a nutshell, the user puts on the virtual lens. The user joins a party with their friends/adversaries and starts a game; using their hands and legs to navigate.

  The player may then choose their actions and moves by gesturing towards the wanted command. In addition, the user may interact verbally and communicate with their friends using the microphone embedded in the lens. The virtual reality aspect to this game will provide a more intimate and real experience on how Dungeon and Dragon's should be like.

The product is still in its testing phase and the release date has not officially been announced. The arrival of virtual reality in the past year or so has already got other corporations such as Oculus, Vrideo and MediaSpike working. Virtual reality can be applied to a variety of applications other than a normal board game like DD and may be an integral part of gaming in the near future.

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