Apple's 3D Touch introduces pressure-sensitive inputs which has the potential to revolutionize mobile gaming
Apple's 3D touch is a brand new interface that will incorporate varying levels of pressure to control various aspects of a gaming system. Up until this point in technology, mobile devices have been limited to one control option; the screen. For mobile gaming, 3D touch has the potential to expand the mobile gaming market with these new capabilities in mind.

With 3D touch, devices will now be able to sense how much pressure is being placed onto a screen and associate that amount with a certain command. Apple described one way in which a user could use 3D touch for completing a common command on an iPhone, "you could lightly press on an email message to bring up a preview of the contents, then press harder to snap into the email message itself."

As for gaming, Pixel Toy's upcoming mobile game, Warhammer 4000: Free Blade, will incorporate 3D touch in their game setup. During Apple's Warhammer demo at the Apple Event held in September, "pressing harder focused the mech's aim and pressing harder still swapped weapons, all without taking your finger off the screen." Forbes writer, Erik Kain, proposed for 3D touch to be used in categories other than shooter games to "control how high a character jumps or how far they move to the side," and in puzzle games to "make puzzle-solving more intricate."

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