Studies show children who play video games undergo both positive and negative effects on their cognitive and behavioral development.

Video games are popular amongst children, however, some believe video games may have adverse effects on a child's development. However, an article released shows that actually there are both pros and cons to children playing video games.

In fact several studies show that video games can improve a child's spatial and cognitive abilities. However, research has also shown video games have negative effects as well. Studies show that violent video games can cause children to develop more aggressive behaviors later on in life.

 I trust this source because it's a parenting website and the article section is meant to inform parents on both ends of the spectrum, the positive and negative effects of children playing video games.

Personally, the true reason I trust this article is because it's balanced. By providing research to support both ends, I can't help but feel that the writer's true intentions is to inform in an unbiased manner. If this article didn't cover both the positive and negative effects of video games, then I might feel some bias exists but because the writer covers both sides and consistently use research to back up his/her claims I feel the article is balanced and trustworthy.

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Tiago DeSouza said...

With so many different opinions on video games and their effects on people, it was interesting to see you choose an article that discusses both the positive and negative effects of playing video games at a young age. The article discusses many different situations and categories for which gaming may have positive or negative effects on a person. A lot of the the effects listed coincided with the outside research I did on the topic.

I think you could have been a little more specific in your blog post, such as give more examples and facts of how video games affect people. I felt as if you were a little too vague in your descriptions. You could have stated the research that supports the each side of the argument or have provided links to the studies themselves.

On the positive side of things, your formatting of the post was good. You appropriately included a graphic within the first paragraph to accompany the post. You also wrote small paragraphs, which is helpful in retaining a reader's attention. You also do provide links to your outside sources which allows the reader to go check out other sources of information.