1. CNN fails to identify perpetrators of recent Palestinian attacks, causing bias by omission.

In a recent CNN post dealing with recent attacks in Israel, CNN does not identify any of the attackers. They identify those involved by referring to the Israeli Attacker as an 'Israeli Jew' and the Arab Attacker is referred to a just a 'Man' or a 'Person'.

Another glaring double standard is when the identities of Jewish Israeli citizens who were killed are reduced to "person" or "passengers". The post doesn't state that they were killed however. They also don't say that the Palestinian attackers killed, only the Israeli police killed.

The final piece of bias in this article in when CNN omits Israeli citizens who are wounded but doesn't forget to state that "'live ammunition'" wounded at least five Palestinians at the Beit Hanoun crossing point Tuesday. This is after the 18 reportedly shot and injured the previous night at the Huwwara military checkpoint."

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