2. CNN news article's on marijuana shows bias towards legalization by focusing on legalization movement momentum

After Ohio population decided to vote against the legalization of marijuana, CNN's reporter Aaron Smith wrote an article on how the negative response to legalization in the state of Ohio would not impact an increasing national tendency to legalize pot.

According to the author, there are ten other states that are going to vote in order to change legislation on marijuana status in their respective states. Nine out of those ten states are considering legalizing recreational marijuana.

Smith briefly explains that a few states are already far in the process of having recreational pot legalized, such as Nevada and California. He claims that it is a matter of time for these two states to join the already "pot legal" states of Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C.

The bias in this article becomes clear to me because the author emphasizes legalization, discuss what else needs to happen for other states to legalize the drug, and he clearly ignores the fact that legalization is not an absolute opinion for everyone.

He briefly talks about why Ohio voters decided not to legalize marijuana, and his main arguments were that they prefer to vote against legalization due to economic reasons, without even considering several other reasons that might have been determinants for the voters' decision, such as health problems and dependence.

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