3. CNN's Don Lemon receives criticism for take on Spring Valley case

On Oct. 26, a video surfaced of a cop forcibly removing a girl from her seat in class at Spring Valley HS in Columbia, South Carolina. The next day, in a segment on CNN, Don Lemon refused to make any judgments regarding the incident, saying "we don't know all the facts." Not only did this take infuriate CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, but it was also met with vitriol on Twitter. Many have even been calling for the network to fire Lemon.

Lemon felt as if a short video was not enough evidence for him to totally chastise Deputy Ben Fields, who was shown on tape using excessive force to remove a reportedly disobedient female student from her seat, going as far as throwing her across the room. “There’s no excuse for what he’s doing to her,” Lemon said, “but again, we don’t know — we don’t know — small slice of time, and I’d like to know more before passing judgment.”

Hostin blew up in her reply, exclaiming "are you kidding me?" She said that under the law, Fields was not in the right whatsoever, no matter what the girl did before the filming began. Wolf Blitzer was also a part of the segment.

Lemon is known for "stirring the pot" on TV, and lots of people don't like his style. A petition for him to be fired from CNN had nearly 30,000 signatures as of October 30. Of course, it's unlikely CNN will actually fire him, as he boosts their ratings and provides publicity when he says controversial things. Lemon is also openly gay, and firing him simply for an unpopular remark wouldn't be a good look.

Nonetheless, the general public reacted very negatively to Lemon's take, and it certainly won't be the last time they do.

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