College Park rising political star Cory Sanders forcefully dropped redrawn from election after investigation in regards to questionable background and finance

By Clarissa Jacknow and Igor Neves

Resume comes into question after University denies degree completion
Source: facebook campiagn

Just days before the election, the Washington Post investigated false claims on Sanders’ resume and found evidence that he had falsified various information.

Scrutiny arose regarding his bachelor degree after the Washington Post contacted A&M University to confirm he graduated, and the university denied any record of degree completion. Although, they did confirm he attended the university as a registered student from 1999-2004.

Sanders quickly disputed these claims by sending a photo of his diploma in response to the post’s article. He also states “it’s sad” and he notes he “finds the timing of this suspicious”.

Evidence of unreported campaign materials leads to scrutiny of financial reports

According to the city of College Park, the financial campaign report showed Sanders had spent $735.93 on yard signs. However, one citizen of College Park reported receiving mail from the candidate regarding the campaign and inquired about the absence of these materials on his public financial reporting.  

Sanders was asked to submit a new report and failed to do so within three days which, according to College Park code, is an automatic withdrawal from the election. However, he did respond to the financial inquiries by stating he received an invoice shortly after for the mail. Furthermore, he states that the posters were distributed on “regular printing paper that I’ve had awhile and didn’t represent a cost…”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time his financial responsibility has come into question. According to the Washington post, a previous employer of Sanders, Pro Telecom, has filed a lawsuit against him in PG county court claiming 500,000 in lost business due to sanders’ interfering with business by being “willfully and maliciously” dishonest.  

Influence of finances on elections deemed less important than like-ability of candidate 

Freakonomics, analyzes whether money wins elections and their economists discovered that while financial funds are an integral part of campaign success, economists state that the overall popularity and likability of the candidate has more influence. Essentially, all the money in the world will not ensure a win, and in sanders’ case, the extra financial sources were not enough to help him.

In the end, the Diamondback reports he lost by almost 400 votes to former Councilwoman Christine Nagle and more than 500 to incumbent Fazlul Kabir.  

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