Cory Sanders Fails to Answer Financial Inquiries about Campaign and is Withfrawn from Election

By Melanie Babi

The votes have been counted for this years District 1 City Council seat, and Cory Sanders has come up short - in more ways than one. Though Sanders did fall about 400 votes behind former Councilwoman Christine Nagle and more than 500 points behind Fazlul Kabir, the lack of votes in his favor are not the main reason he will not be claiming a seat on the city council in this election.

Questions have arose about lack of unreported expenditures

As this was the first year campaign finance reports were available to the public online, one city resident was able to pick out some issues with Sander's recorded expenditures. Board of Elections Supervisor stated that “An inquiry was received from a voter by the board as to why some campaign media the resident had received did not show on the report,”. Robson questioned why "the only expenditure was signs and an inquiry was sent about the other material voters had received.” 

On Sander's initial campaign report that was filed on October 14th, it was stated that he had no expenditures. His last filed report on October 26th showed that $735.93 was spent of yard signs. 
However, residents have received mail and flyers from Sander's campaign where Robson said “the cost of which was not reported.” 

Sander's did not have much to say in answer to these arguments 

College Park City Code states that an election candidate has three days to answer questions regarding campaign financial reports from the Board of Elections Supervisors and if the candidate does not, they are "deemed to have withdrawn" from the campaign. 

Sander's had vague responses about his website being "done for free and at no cost" and stating that fliers were made on “regular printing paper that I’ve had awhile". Robson still needed a corrected report within the three day deadline, which Sander's failed to provide.

As a result, Sander's was claimed to have withdrawn from the campaign, just as his lack of votes deemed him with the same fate.

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