Cory Sanders failed to provide campaign finance reports while running for College Park's District 1 seat

By Christina Davis and Ryan Baillargeon
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Cory Sanders withdrew from the College Park City Council Election after questions were raised regarding his campaign finance reports, according to the Diamondback.

"College Park City Code states that if a candidate fails to respond to a request about campaign finance reports from the Board of Election Supervisors within 3 days, they are deemed to have withdrawn their candidacy for office," explained Chief of Board of Election Supervisors Jack Robson.

Campaign finance reports have always been available online to the public, however, this is the first year the city of College Park has published them on the city's website. This lead to a city resident pointing out multiple flaws in Sanders finance report.

Sanders' initial finance report, filed Oct. 14, showed he had zero expenditures. Then, a pre-election report, filed Oct. 26, showed he had spent $753.93 on yard signs. He failed to include any costs for additional material voters reported they had received, as well as any costs for his website

Sanders garnered just 13.5 percent of the District 1 votes

The official results for the City Council were released Wednesday night, and Sanders was 400 votes behind both Christine Nagle and Fazlul Kabir, the two individuals he was in the running against.

The trouble for Sanders extended beyond his inability to provide financial reports. On Oct. 30, the Washington Post reported he had inconsistencies in his resumè, most importantly regarding his education.

Sanders said he graduated from Florida A&M Univeristy with a Bachelor's degree. And though university spokesman said he attended the school, they had no record of him graduating.

He later showed a photo of his diploma to the newspaper. He believed his image had already taken a hit, however.

“It’s sad,” Sanders told the Washington Post. “I find the timing of this suspicious. . . . There are people who don’t like change.”

Three of Sanders' five visions on his website regarded finances

On Sanders' website, he mentions he has 5 main agendas he would like to accomplish in his first term:

1. Increase City Revenue to fund programs that Residents want and need without raising property taxes.

2. Lower property taxes to keep College Park affordable for all, despite county tax hikes.

3. Create the College Park Tax Credit for Home ownership.

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