False Information About Cory Sanders Could Explain Why the Candidate Withdraws From City Council Election

By Brittney DeHart and Lisa Bianchini, Row 2

Sanders Drops Out of Election After Being Held Accountable For Misleading Residents With His Campaign

City Council candidate Cory Sanders drops out of election, according to The Diamondback.  Some argue that the reason for his withdrawal was due to faulty and misleading information in Sanders's resume that did not fully and accurately represent the candidate's campaign or background.

Specific errors with Sander's campaign were made known to many voters in College Park from an article published by The Diamondback.  The accusations against Sanders were distributed to voters across the city highlighting exactly what the candidate lied about in an attempt to better his campaign.

Sanders Has A Bad Reputation With Institutions and Companies After Lying About His Background

The Washington Post reveals more information about the companies and institutions that Sanders misrepresented his relationships with.  From claiming "degrees from institutions" that he was not awarded to being "charged with unemployment fraud", The Washington Post revealed information that Sanders sought to hide from voters.

When directly asked about the misleading and false information in the Washington Post, Sanders said "I find the timing of this suspicious. . . There are people who don't like change."

ProTelecom "sued Sanders for fraud, breach of contract and interfering with its business" and described Sanders as being "willfully and maliciously" dishonest in The Washington Post.

Despite the high expectations Sanders had for the city of College Park regarding development and goals in his campaign, the Diamondback argues that this massive leak of information mattered more to Sanders's withdrawal than the significant drop in votes.

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